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27-Nov-2017 05:45

In the first place, who asked her to touch the hair? So right in front of my friend she cleansed her hands, what did she try to imply or was it perhaps a coincidence? Some of the Turkish people are really appreciative of our hair and give us compliments. Not only Turkish people react this way to our Nappy hair but other non-blacks do the same too.They also ask us how often we wash our hair and I am going to be very straight forward with this: Generally black hair is already dry compared to other textures of hair.Instead, German men have a highly sophisticated wooing device: the concentrated look — a gaze which might, but often doesn’t, include a smile.

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I actually think the word “Racist” it’s a very strong word to use especially when one is talking about the Turkish society, in fact take that word and throw it in the garbage bin; burn it if you can.

I don’t think they (some of them) are aware that the questions they ask are absurd but it gets so annoying that I sometimes ask myself if they are well in their minds.

When I first came here and I was unpacking my clothes, my roommates asked if I bought my clothes in “Africa” or in another country because they assumed that there are no clothes in “Africa”.

In my recent posts I have talked about my personal experiences abroad but this time on behalf of all black people in Turkey, I don’t care whether you are an African American or a black African; as long as you are black this is probably your everyday life story and these are just higlights.

Many people have asked me what’s it like being black in Turkey and I have often responded by telling them that had they asked me that question two years ago I would have said it’s a nightmare that I wish upon no enemy of mine.

Turks not only stare at black people but everyone who looks different from them but I suppose when it comes to us it is on another different level.